Fan Review: Manchester City

Straight to the point, this season so far has been good. Not as good as it was last season obviously, but it’s been good. I feel like if those 3 shots that hit the wood work against Wolverhampton Wanderers went in, I would be completely ecstatic on this piece.

Major worry is that Liverpool is ahead of us, and honestly, they are beginning to look even harder to beat, and so I don’t fancy any other team slowing them down until we get the chance to do so. 

In every team, no matter how good the manager or the players are, no matter how great the system or style of play works, there is always a necessary element of magic needed for the team to dominate, and last season, that element of magic for us was KEVIN DE BRUYNE. I don’t need to say too much about that, his absence is glaring in our approach to each game.

De Bryne Injury
Manchester City could feel the absence of magic man Kevin de Bruyne during the period of his injury.

Frankly, as a Man City fan, I’m a tad worried about the team after our first four games. I know fans of many other clubs would say “What in the world are you possibly worried about?”, especially fans of football clubs that are not accustomed to the level of excellence Pep has introduced us to in Man City. Well, I am worried for the following reasons:

1. Pep has used 4 different formations in the last 4 games, and we have spotted frequent changes in terms of personnel in the midfield and at the back, which means he doesn’t know his best 11 yet. This is partly due to the fact that we are missing arguably the 2nd best midfielder in the world (only second to Luka Modric at the moment) and he hasn’t found a perfect fit or system that can compensate for void that Kevin has left. This apparent uncertainty in formation & personnel is also due to the fact that he (Pep) is looking for something different (very necessary, because we can’t do the same things and expect the same results), possibly a joker card, in form of either a system, tactic or individual, that would keep the team a step or two ahead of the others, because Man City is the team to beat and knowing the Premier League, every manager has a better idea on how to set-up against Man City and you can bet they are a eager to take their pound of flesh. This little re-structuring process has cost us 2 points, sadly. Take nothing away from Wolves, they gave a very good account of themselves and I think will hurt a lot of teams this season. But we NEED to know this joker card, know our best 11 and also settle into a steady system as soon as possible!

Pep Guardiola scratching his head. Picture gotten from google search.
Pep Guardiola is known for being a tinkerer, always trying to keep the opposition guessing.

2. Pep has the tendency to overthink in his strive for perfection. That has usually cost him in the past.

3. What is going on with LEROY SANE? Pep needs to give us a real answer. One of the brightest stars last season, and now he hasn’t even started a game. I personally value the dynamism he brings to the attack. He is difficult to deal with, thanks to his quick, feather-like feet that enable him to glide past defenders when he is in the mood. So, Pep if you are reading this and Sane offended you, forgive him, I think we need him.

4. How do you convince a team that ate up every other team in the League last season (apart from Liverpool and Manchester United (lucky game) that they need to do better this season? It’s hard. They need motivation, a fiery drive, humility to understand that they are not untouchable and to listen even more closely to the manager and they need to make conscious efforts to improve. It’s hard. 

Leroy Sane on the Bench
Leroy Sane has been reduced to a bench role so far this season despite winning the PFA young player of the year last term.

If Pep pulls off another double with that team, be it the League & Carabao Cup OR the League & the Champions League, I would just stop watching football, because that would offer a satisfaction that is indescribable, there nothing more to see. If he does a treble between now and 2021, I would probably just idolize him. Hopefully, after the international break, we can resume and get off to a much better campaign. 

Predictions? I think we would nick it, Liverpool will really contest for it, but we would come out on top.

By Aderibigbe Oluwatele, Twitter: @oluwatele_

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Hugs, Masco.

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