Gameweek Eighteen Preview

Hi guys, it feels so good to back after quite a while. While I was away, we’ve had so many events that made drastic changes, Liverpool is now top of the league, Jose Mourinho and Mark Hughes have lost their jobs, Arsenals and City both have their unbeaten runs ended.

These events just show why the Premier League is dynamic and unpredictable. Fast forward to this gameweek eighteen, the three points teams on offer for each team in the games that I’ll preview are very important.

Arsenal vs Burnley (Saturday, 1:30pm).
The gunners need to revisit the drawing board now. I always said there will be time the second half comaback spirit will disappear and now they’ve lost to Southampton and Spurs (Carabao Cup). I must admit they’ve had defensive issues (Injuries and Disciplinary issues) but they still have to get themselves together because they are still fifth and they need to get into the top four. Burnley are not that formidable this season unlike last season where they were pulling up trees. They gave trouble to Spurs last week but still lost and I think it will be the same narrative this weekend.
Prediction: Arsenal win 1-0. (Aubameyang to score).

Bournemouth vs Brighton (Saturday, 4pm).
Many people were surprised Bournemouth lost to Wolves last week, well I wasn’t, they were somewhat toothless unlike their previous matches. I expect them to up their game this weekend though. The surprising team for me here is Brighton, they now go away and take whatever it’s possible to take which is a good spirit. Even though I’m thinking the Cherries would give their fans a cheer, they could as well be popped.
Prediction: Bournemouth win 2-1. (Wilson to score). 

Chelsea vs Leicester (Saturday, 4pm).
For the starting eleven Claude Puel put out against Man City in mid week alone, he should not lament if he gets sacked. What was he thinking, resting big players? They could have won that game and have a possiblity of winning a trophy, but no, they are out and Puel could be out himself soon. Chelsea could make it the nail in the coffin for him. The Stamford Bridge faithful could be home and dry by the end of the first half really.
Prediction: Chelsea win 3-0. (Hazard to score). 

Huddersfield vs Southampton (Saturday, 4pm).
Southampton’s win against would have been a huge sigh of relief and they actually deserved it. It’s about consistency now. Huddersfield at home could pose a problem but they are very beatable.  This doesn’t mean I’m counting the Terriers out just like that, but you need to score goals to win matches and they hardly do.
Prediction: Southampton win 2-0. (Ings to score). 

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace (Saturday, 4pm).
Man City are right on the tails of Liverpool and they have to keep playing catch up to give Liverpool more pressure. Kevin De Bruyne is back from injury to keep Pep’s tinkering going. Let’s not talk much about the result, Palace will be grateful to get a draw here.
Prediction: Man City to win 5-0. (Sane to score).

Newcastle vs Fulham (Saturday, 4pm). 
Fulham are a funny team, if they want to win a match, they have to score at least three goals because they will concede two at least. You are never going to escape with that behaviour. Ranieri has to find a way to stop this rot. I feel it will hard for them to outscore Newcastle so this match might count as a loss again for them.
Prediction: Newcastle to win 2-1. (Rondon to score). 

West Ham United vs Watford (Saturday, 4pm). 
I don’t know who to pick here. West Ham are on a roll, brimming with confidence, scoring goals and suddenly they look like a good team. Watford’s story this season has been good, then bad, then manageable, then bad again and a bit good nwo. I really don’t know what to expect from them in games, you never know which side will turn up. This match looks like a draw but I’ll just bend a bit to the home side to score the victory.
Prediction: West Ham to win 2-1. (Anderson to score). 

Cardiff City vs Manchester United (Saturday, 6:30pm). 
It feels like the match of the week. It will be disgraceful and embarrassing if suddenly the players turn up and show what they can because Jose is gone, what will be more embarrassing is if they don’t then show us how good they can be. I’ll admit that it was time for a managerial change, even long overdue. I also do not expect miracles or an unbeaten run just because Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is in charge now but there should be visible changes in the style of play moving on as well as showing confidence while playing the beautiful game. Cardiff will wish this game was last week but now they will not know what exactly to be prepared for. Neil Warnock should set his team up attacking and who knows, they could popp United’s just beginning joy.
Prediction: United win 3-1. (Rashford to score). 

Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday, 5pm). 
Spurs were superb against Arsenal in midweek (Carabao Cup) and will bring that confidence into this game. The only thing they have to remain focused especially with the suspicions that Pochettino might be heading to the North in the summer. They can achieve a lot this season; win any of the cups if the league of the reach. Everton are lukewarm this season, but they have to be ready for this encounter. I think Spurs will have the upper hand.
Prediction: Spurs to win 3-1. (Son to score).

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Hugs, Masco.

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