Manchester United Review: Avoiding the third year meltdown

Hey Jose Mourinho, Kindly deliver to us the 21st this season. Love, Man United fans.

If I was to write a letter to the manager of the club on behalf of all the supporters, it would be as simple as that. The truth is, nothing is simple with Jose Mourinho or Manchester United itself. As at the time of writing this, most fans believe there’s fire on the mountain, who can blame them? Yet to win a title in five years, closest they’ve come to the title was last year when they finished as runners up but were still 19 points adrift. The media/press paints images that the manager and his players are literally sworn enemies. There are also signs of the “Mourinho third year syndrome”.

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Jose Mourinho needs to get the best out of his best players

So here’s what I think; A consistent Manchester United squad will have an excellent season in 2018/2019. The manager is trying to lower expectations of the fans as well as deflecting the attention of everyone to his rivals (never gonna happen tho). 

Few things that should be done are: 

The manager should start being upbeat and pump confidence into the fans.

The players should step up from being average and play better more consistently. Key players should stop going missing during the season. 

Manager should get the best out of his best players, Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez, Eric Bailly, Romelu Lukaku, Anthony Martial and also the newly acquired Fred.

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Fred arrived from Shakhtar Donetesk for £52m including add-ons

Manchester United fans are desperate to see the Biggest club in the England become the best club in the land. 

They also want to see more will and desire from the players, a more attractive brand of football, a gutsy fight in the champions league. Basically we just want more, more from this talented group of players and Manager. 

We all want to scream at the end Glory Glory Man United. 

Players that I think will have points to prove: 

Could Sanchez leading United to glory?

Alexis Sanchez: The move from Arsenal and the financial figures around the deal naturally will bring scrutiny. His somehow below standard performances when he joined to didn’t help much. Now he has had a full summer rest / full pre season in years, I think he should be ready to wipe away all form of disrespect he has gotten and show us his qualities. 

Paul Pogba: Yes, Pogba. I want him to light up Old Trafford week in week out like it happened in Russia that made him a world cup winner. This player is very talented and has so much to offer that I think saying a playing system limits him is petty. He’s elite and I plus the world expects more from elite players. 

Luke Shaw: Sigh, it’s 2018 and Shaw is still out for the jury after becoming the most expensive teenager back in 2014. Truthfully, injury has been cruel to him but I find it absurd that the manager feels Ashley Young should be the first team left back ahead of him. So Luke, this is it, show us what you’ve got bro! 

Predicted finish: 3rd.

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Hugs, Masco.

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