New PL Season Fan Expectations: Man City

The 2020/2021 for the Barclays Premier League looks like it would be a tight contest, emphasis on ‘LOOKS’. Looks as we know as football fans can be deceiving.

For me, the most exciting reveal by Manchester City this summer has been the new jerseys. Sadly, Pep hasn’t spent money to strengthen the centre-back position where we so often bled from last season.

A few people tip Eric Garcia to step up, but I would rather have Koulibaly step in. We need some metal at the back. We have arguably the best midfield in the league (watch out for Foden this season), a well above average front three, and Golden Glove boy, Ederson. Kyle Walker is basically Dani Alves on a good day, and I guess Nathan Ake or Mendy are decent options on the left. Stones should be sold to Derby County for all I care, he is not first team material. Ferran Torres has a lot to do to prove himself in Manchester City. Personally, I don’t think he is as good as Leroy Sane (not too far off though), but I can’t wait to see what Pep’s magic will turn him into this season.

Looking at this squad, I can confidently argue that a top-three finish is guaranteed, however, with Pep, top three is a failure, we want the league back. However, it’s hard to confidently say we would win the league right now. The team lacks the metal to compete at the very highest level.

Chelsea looks good at the moment on paper, I hope their new team gels well, they would be a delight to watch. I expect Manchester United to carry on with their fine form from the tail end of last season. Arsenal are beginning to look like “giant-killers”, I would be wary of them. Liverpool doesn’t look like top 2 contenders going into this season, again, emphasis on the word “LOOK”. I would not write them off like many fans seem to do.

For the UCL, I fully expect Bayern to win it again, as a Manchester City fan, I have accepted that Pep can’t win the UCL without Messi. What’s painful however is, this Man City team has more than it takes to win the UCL, but Pep seems to be under some sort of curse that ensures he makes the wrong decisions once he gets to the Quarter-Finals.

Looking back at last season, there are some simple lessons for Pep to learn from, one of which include: Do Not Play a High Line Against Teams With Pacy Forwards. Also, Pep, if you are seeing this, please take note of the impact Van Dijk had at Liverpool, get in a real defender and let’s challenge for titles again.

P.S: I honestly believe that if Messi joined, we still won’t win the Champions League. E get why. We would obliterate the EPL though, but that’s not happening anyway.

Top 6 Predictions
1st – Manchester City – 90 points
2nd – Chelsea – 85 points
3rd – Liverpool – 82 points
4th – Manchester United – 75 points
5th – Arsenal – 70 points
6th – Tottenham – 69 points

Oluwatele Aderibigbe
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