New PL Season Fan Expectations: Man United

It’s been long I wrote something but my beautiful club has the pulling power to bring me out of retirement. A big supporter of Manchester United FC. Let’s get down to business!

As at when I’m writing this. Manchester United has only made one signing (Donny Van De Beek) which was definitely a fresh air considering in the past few years we’ve always signed to replace and not improve the squad. If you ask anybody if they think VDB is enough, of course, they will say No. Personally, I don’t think he is enough too. While some might think adding Jadon Sancho is enough, but it definitely isn’t. Yes maybe Sergio Regulion is not a priority but his signing would definitely improve the squad and I’m looking forward to it. If you add Van De Beek, Regulion, Sancho and maybe a CB or even Thiago( I personally don’t think United are really interested). This would be a team that can go far in the coming season.

Looking back at last season, post lockdown, United didn’t lose in the league despite using a stabilised XI for the majority of it. Ole Gunnar didn’t trust his bench and rightly so. I watched games where he rotated and the drop in quality is astonishing. Like I mentioned above if they get those signings in, the squad moves up quite a lot. Adding a player like Jadon to a team that scored 112 goals last season is definitely exciting to see. Adding Sergi to a defence that was the third-best in the league is another exciting addition. The team is quite young and has so many potentials.

In the past few years, this is a season that I’m actually really confident as regards how good the football style/play can be. I’m not going to over expect much from the team but I’m expecting good football and a good shout from them. Let’s see how it goes! GGMU!!

Top 6 Prediction

  1. Manchester City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Manchester United
  4. Chelsea
  5. Tottenham
  6. Arsenal

Possible party spoilers: Everton, Wolves and Sheffield.

This season is full of quality and would be so much interesting to watch! Premier League is here! Make sure you watch as much as possible!

Stay Safe!

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2 thoughts on “New PL Season Fan Expectations: Man United

  1. Nice one bro!
    I would pick chelsea to finish third and Man utd 4th even though I am a United fan. Arsenal will finish ahead of Spurs this season.

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