Tottenham Hotspur Review: What now?

No new signings, top players were up for sales. Moving into a new stadium, no special expectations. They were the only Premier League club not to sign a single player this transfer window.

The only positive about Spurs would be the type of football the manager plays. Pochettino has been made to work in these conditions for four years with the North London club, no really extravagant financial support but the man has worked wonders, missing out on Champions League qualification only once back in the 2014/2015 season, he blooded the youth.

Pochettino will not be happy with having no new signings

He has been solid, the next step now surely is to add a trophy to his CV. 

I feel they should place their focus on a cup competition and do all their best to win one. It will give them a winning mentality, Winning makes you hungry to keep winning.  The team is as it were for last season but can the Spurs keep matching on?

Players that will have points to prove:

Toby Alderwiered: He lost his place due to contract issues but on his day, he oozes class. One of the best CBs in the League. He couldn’t get this wanted move to Manchester United this window, but will have to fight very hard to regain his place.

Moura will hope to come to life this new season

Lucas Moura: He will have to breakthrough a settle choice of Eriksen, Alli and Lamela/Son. This is not an easy job, he has the qualities but will have a lot of work to convince his manager and endear him to the Spurs faithful.

Predicted Finish: 5th

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